Monday, February 14, 2011

My One And Only

I was reading a blog earlier today that included an interview with a woman who had married her high school sweetheart. (I did, too.) They met as teens, dated through college and married as young adults. (I did, too.)

One of the questions posed to this woman was whether or not she felt that she had missed out on any "fundamental and valuable life experiences" by not dating lots of people.

Zach is actually the only one I ever dated, ever kissed, etc. Did I miss out?


I may have only experienced the first-kiss insanity once and the getting-to-know you butterflies once, but who cares?!? I have enjoyed the pleasure of something very few others will ever get to experience - the incredible freedom and joy that comes from being WITH and FOR only one person, ever. And that, my friends, is far better than any first kiss.

I love you, Sweet Husband, and I'm so glad to be yours.


Sid said...

I for one did not miss out on all of those "fundamental and valuable life experiences". I regret not missing out on them. Unfortunately, experiencing intimacy outside of marriage cheapened the experience for me. It took many years, and Jesus as well, to find that special "oneness" in my intimate experiences with my wife. Yes I said it took Jesus to make sex better for me. On top of my issues with sexuality, my wife had issues she had to deal with also. She was not intimate before we were together and did not have to deal with the same issues I did. She had to deal with the nagging thoughts of living up to my previous experiences. It took many years of love, patience, and forgiveness to get past my "fundamental and valuable life experiences". There is nothing like coming to the actualization that forgiveness has happened and Christs intentions for my marriage and sexuality is reality. It's a release and freedom that is hard to explain. After the freedom arrived, the intimacy I experienced with my wife was off the scale. I believe most scientific research confirms that monogamy is "hotter" than "fundamental and valuable life experiences".

ks said...

Yeah! I agree with you! My husband was my first and only everything. Sometimes I joke and say something about going on a date with my high school boyfriend, and we just smile. There is NO baggage and I relish the freedom of it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your comments. I too, am one that "missed out" on these life experiences. I was married young (19) and 28 years later am still married to my sweetheart! I don't think I missed out on much!

estherdafna said...

I've always wondered whether guys preferred to have "been around the block" before actually settling down. It is portrayed so glamourously that sometimes I fear that maybe guys would prefer to get into a relationship just to "experience" it before actually settling down...for stats purposes I suppose. I guess that's why I was petrified of getting into a relationship in the first place. I've found myself being fearful that this may not have been "it" and that I was setting myself up for heartache further down the road. Not that I'm insecure in my relationship,I love my boyfriend dearly, but seeing so many relationships and marriages fail all around me,(including my parents) has caused me to wonder whether any relationships last anymore.
I admire your story, and I hope to be able to tell a similar tale one day.

Scott or Scotty said...

Great photo!!

EliX said...

Awww. This is truly inspirational. As a teenager.. I see how most teenagers just want to have fun and it's like.. we have a presumption that a long relationship just can't be coutned on. For me, I'd always like to have my one and only and to read that other people do have these experience.. It's nice to have hope =) Thank you!

Tanushree Das said...

loved your blog...i know how it feels to be in love...god bless u both and your relationship...

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