Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Brother the Photographer

Dave took some photos lately that I really like. They were on my computer, so I figured I'd share.

Great work, Dave! Keep them coming.

And this picture was taken quite a while ago, almost 3 years ago, in fact. For obvious reasons, though, it'll always be my favorite.

PS - Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

Random and Bizarre

I've realized lately that a few of the thoughts that pop up in my head are just that...random and bizarre. I'm sure it's entirely due to being a mother and, in addition, mostly likely attributable to being a mother of boys.

A small sampling of those thoughts:

What's in your mouth? [Cat food - Owen. I thought he was looking a little extra chubby these days.]

What did you just say? ["Oh, snap." Yep. Caleb was watching a video with his daddy online and that's what he came up with. I finally figured out where he got that from - one of his favorite cartoons. The best part is that he misunderstood and what he really said was, "Oh, snaps."]

What did you just say? ["Doodie. Doodie." Knowing that boys usually have snakes, snails, puppy dog tails and all sorts of "icky" things in mind, you wouldn't immediately guess that this means drink, but it does. Just in the last week I've finally been able to figure out a bit of Owen's baby language. Doodie is drink, Lalo is Caleb. It's so much fun to actually be able to communicate - sort of - with him!]

Is that a lizard in your pants? [As a matter of fact, it was. It was a squishy, plastic one, but nonetheless, Owen had it in his pants. I'm sure big brother had a hand in helping with that one.]

That's it for now. Sorry the posts have been few and far between lately. But, believe me, it only means that we're busy enjoying life. The antics never stop, so I'll pass on a few more next time I get to catch my breath!

Lots of love,