Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Operation: Snail Rescue

Sorry for the blogging lull. I know it gets old checking for posts and finding...nothing. Life has been racing by at such a dizzying pace that it's making me feel a bit, well, slow, I guess. Like if I take the time to sit and blog for a few minutes, I'm sure to miss something. But, regardless, here goes...

Speaking of slow, I meant to blog about snails months ago and I completely forgot, until I unloaded the photos off my camera.

The night before my 30th Birthday, the boys spent the night with their Moma and Papa so that Zach and I could have a date. We had big plans for my birthday - a long hike, Vietnamese for lunch, some shopping, maybe a movie... Those plans were slightly altered, though, when we woke to find July 3rd a drizzly, soggy day. So, unfortunately, no hike, but we got ourselves together anyways and planned for a day out on the town, starting with coffee at a cool, little cafe Zach found down on Silver Street. Our day was further way-laid, though, when we went outside and found:

It may be hard to tell what those bumps all over our driveway are, but I'm sure you can guess - they're snails. The sog was forcing them out of the grass and up to higher, dryer ground and their mass exodus across the driveway was pretty impressive. I can't remember how many there were, exactly, but I do remember giving up counting when I got to 40. Needless to say, we couldn't just drive out, because we would have squished a ton of them. Thus began Operation: Snail Rescue. After relocating them all to the sidewalk, we were finally able to leave. We both got fairly soggy in the process, but it was fun!

And another quick snail story... A few weeks ago when the boys and I were heading out to do some errands, Caleb noticed a snail by the car that was covered in little black ants. I explained to him that it meant the snail had died. Being the super-compassionate kid that he is, he showed great remorse at the snail's misfortune.

The next day we were going out front so the boys could have some time riding bikes when Caleb found a healthy, crawling snail in the same place where the dead one had been. "Mom! Look! The snail is okay! Jesus healed the snail!!!" He was super excited. Trying to be the positive encourager, I remarked excitedly at how awesome it was that Jesus had healed the snail. Not two minutes later, I was completely distracted while walking across the drive and accidentally stepped right on the poor guy. That's right. I squished the miracle snail. If it's any recompense, I felt terrible about it all day, especially right after - when Caleb came and noticed the little pile of shell and goo. Believe me, having to tell your 5-year-old that you squished a miracle snail is no fun task.