Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Nesting" with my BFF

Ever the enterprising entrepreneurs, Faerl and I are once again up to either no good or lots of good, depending on your outlook. Either way, we're having tons of fun! Faerl found a fun shop in town that is, basically, an indoor flea market. We've often dreamed of having a home decor, re-sale type shop of our own. She saw this market as a very fortuitous way for us to dip our toes into the world of shop ownership without actually taking on all of the major overhead expenses and things that complicate business. So, we've rented a 10x10 foot space, we're calling it nest and we're going to stock it on August 2nd! As usual, our vision and aspirations are far above and beyond the Average Joe's, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Hopefully, it will result in making a great and lasting impression with customers! We've been scouring garage sales, digging through bins (haven't quite resorted to dumpster diving yet, but if there's something cute down there, I can't guarantee it won't happen), shopping clearance racks, re-finishing, re-furbishing and having a great time - all in the name of building up our inventory! Our basket has, indeed, been blessed thus far and we're really praying that God will bless the fruit of our labor.

Yesterday was the first chance we've had to really set everything out in one spot to look it over and start sorting things out. My den was a disaster, but all of our things felt so cohesive, wonderful and cozy! I have a feeling this nest will be quite comfortable! We couldn't resist taking some pictures...

PS - I love you, Fae Mae! You're such an amazing friend! Thank you for being such an ever present source of strength and encouragement.