Thursday, January 31, 2008

SALYTA. What?!?

When I first started my blog, I sent the address to the select few with whom I was willing to share "my secrets". One of those being, of course, my mom. After visiting the site, she admitted she puzzled over the URL for a while. SALYTA. What's that? It didn't take long before it hit well it should. It's her system! The first two letters of each of a person's names: first, middle and last. Sarah Lynette Taylor. Sa. Ly. Ta. I'm salyta. She's kadego. Zach is zawata. My sister is anchwa. It's kinda fun!

Just thought I should share, in case anyone was wondering. Or, perhaps, in case you thought I was crazy!

Mommy Massage!

In my humble opinion, there are few more deserving of a good massage than mommies. I would imagine, however, that they are usually the least likely to indulge in such a treat. After all, the word indulge probably doesn't even fit into most moms' vocabularies...unless you mean sneaking a bite of ice cream out of the freezer when the 3-year-old isn't looking!

For Christmas this year, I was SO blessed to receive a gift certificate from two dear friends for a massage! Yipppeeee! I haven't scheduled the appointment yet, but it's going to happen...and soon. In the mean time, however, I've discovered two simple substitutes which could almost pass for a decent massage. If you take a moment to flop on the couch (in utter exhaustion), it usually isn't long before a 3-year-old can no longer bare the temptation to climb all over you. If you close your eyes and imagine (real hard), the jostling could possibly be mistaken for fine shiatsu. In addition, if you bend over the changing table to kiss a 4-month-old's tummy, it often prompts tiny fingers to become hopelessly entwined in your hair. Once again, with a great deal of imagination, the tugs could almost mimic the tingles of a hot-oil head rub!

Anyways. Just a suggestion for mommies everywhere who dole out the TLC and could use a little in return!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My guy... on You Tube!!! In the past, Zach has very adamantely declared that one of his lifetime goals was to never post anything on You Tube. Imagine our surprise, however, when we found a video of him at the rock climbing gym! He didn't post it, so I guess his goal is still intact.

Zach, Dave and Bryan (who are all in the video) are quite addicted to rock climbing. I understand what all the fuss is about and I have to admit that at times I'm envious of their agility, strength and grace. However, I would definitely rather keep all my skin as-is, thank you very much! Having leprous hands is just not my thing. Here's the video!