Friday, June 11, 2010


Through trial and error, I've come to be about 90% sure that Nathan has a sensitivity to the protein in dairy products. He's got lots of the symptoms - congestion, stuffiness, constipation, gas... Poor baby! The only way to remedy these complaints is to remove all the dairy from my system. It's a surprisingly long process before he'll see the benefits (close to three weeks), but if it helps him feel better then it'll definitely be worth the effort.

But, I have one question. How in the world do you not eat any dairy? I've been on the equivalent of a see-food diet pretty much all my life: If I see it and I want it, I eat it! Besides the fact that cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream (etc) all fall fairly high on the list of my favorites, it seems like there's dairy in just about everything!

So, seriously, how do I do this? I'm perusing the internet for ideas, but if you have any words of wisdom, I'd really appreciate your help!

Nathan's little insides thank you...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Run

Yippie! I'm running again! Well, maybe not this week. Besides the fact that Zach is out of town and therefore it's impossible to get out of the house sans boys, it's been 100(ish) degrees all week long. Ugh! Yes, I run, but only in fair weather. Anyways. I've been able to sneak out about 3 times so far (post baby) and I've done pretty well. It's been encouraging. My goal is to run the 5k at the Duke City Marathon in October. I know I'll be able to do it. I doubt I'll do it quickly, but whatever. Who ever said that running had to be done quickly?

Besides the heat, there have only been two real obstacles, thus far, to my running this summer:

1) SMALL EARS. That's right. If you've never noticed, it's probably because they're so small that you missed them entirely. How does this inhibit running? Well, they definitely don't catch drag, so that's a plus! But, I have a darn hard time keeping my ear buds in when I run. They're all too big. I thought I figured out a solution when I decided I'd just buy a set of kid sized ear buds. But, they don't make ear buds for kids! Darn it. (I guess it really would be a bad idea to encourage kids to shove things in their ears. More on that subject, here.) But, I did finally find a set of buds that comes with an extra small pair. It works! I still have to jam them in, which isn't super comfortable, but such is the price you pay for being born with teeny ears, I guess.

2) TIRED MUSIC. I can't run without music. It's just too stinkin' boring. I have a playlist of songs that I used all last summer (before I was pregnant) that helped push me onwards. But, I'm not sure if I can listen to any of those songs even once more. I've gotten to where I actually cringe when I hear them beginning to play. And some of them were good songs, too. I need some new music - bad! Does anyone have any good suggestions for some motivating music that'll help get me in the mood to pound some pavement? I'd really appreciate it!!!