Friday, February 20, 2009

Taylor #5

Meet May...the newest addition to the Taylor household.

If you are unfamiliar with our previous pet endeavors, you'll have to read back a little ways to Meet Squirt and the very prompt sequel, Rest in Peace, Little Squirt. After that brief review, it's obvious that we weren't going to go the fish route again. Dogs are awesome, but too much work. Reptiles are just creepy. A rock probably wouldn't have cut it for long. So, a cat. Zach and I both enjoy them, as long as they stay inside all the time--otherwise the itchy, red eyes and sneezing ensue.

Why did we need a pet in the first place? Probably the main reason is because it's been long enough since the last one that I've forgotten that they involve WORK and not just cuddling and playing. Oh well. The real, very-close-second-place reason is because the thought of Caleb's classmates asking about pets and him having absolutely nothing to report just broke our hearts. Every little boy needs a pet--thus, May.

She came from the parents of a sister's friend sort of relationship. They knew we were looking. Our first choice would have been a Hackett cat. I have never in my life seen any other cat that could be held upside down by one leg and still not fight back. Not that a cat should ever be treated that way, but...I'm a realist. It's going to happen. May came from a family with lots and lots of kids, though, and it's evident. She's an absolute sweetheart. She takes the poking, prodding, squeezing and tugging in stride and comes back for more. She hasn't scratched or squirmed once and, believe me, there have been plenty of instances where such behavior would have been absolutely justified. But, like I said, she's a sweet, sweet girl. (Stinky, if you ask me, but sweet.)

So, enough words, bring on the pictures...

Caleb is absolutely in love...

And the following little photo sequence makes me laugh! This is pretty much the exact order of how things "went down".

I knew Owen likes to throw down, but I really thought he was above cat-wrestling. Joking aside, though, he is also completely in love and I can attest to the fact that May has already received far more


and hugs
than Zach and I--combined! Not fair! I guess we just can't compete with little Miss May.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A little Friday fun...

Just wishing everyone a fun and happy weekend. And, as you go about your weekend's activities, have no fear...Superman's ever-watchful eye will be making sure you are safe.

If you think that's special, you should have seen it after he added his cowboy (scratch that), SUPERMAN boots to the ensemble. Ohh la la! If you ask me, Superman has never looked so good! (Although something tells me Faerl could come up with a striking superhero getup as well!)